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Are Customer Referrals And Lead Generation The Same Thing?

There are lots of different approaches to marketing, and plenty of differences of opinion on the most effective methods. But there’s one thing that I think it’s safe to say that all marketers agree upon: customer referrals are the very best kind of ...

What is a Customer Referral Program for Solar Companies?

A customer referral program is a way for you to encourage your current customers to refer their friends and family to your solar company. Referrals are the best way for you to get qualified leads because the majority of people trust the ...

3 Ways to Start Generating Referrals Today

  We all love customer referrals. A happy customer who raves about us is our favorite way of getting new business. We believe the greatest compliment a company can ever receive is a referral.

What Happens When a Customer Referral Program Really Works?

    2016 was a record-setting year for many of our clients. We have partnered with some incredible companies that are filled with remarkable people. We have been honored to walk alongside them as they used our referral marketing tool in creative and ...

4 Ways to Reward People in Your Customer Referral Program

In 2017, word-of-mouth advertising has never been more important for a business, especially one that is focussed on growing this year. A customer referral program is a powerful way to drive new customers to your business, but only if operated ...
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