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What is a Customer Referral Program for Solar Companies?

A customer referral program is a way for you to encourage your current customers to refer their friends and family to your solar company. Referrals are the best way for you to get qualified leads because the majority of people trust the ...

How Do I Get Customers To Refer Leads To My Solar Company?

If you’re running a solar company, you know that we’re in a boom time for your business. Heightened public awareness of the need for clean, renewable energy sources, coupled with increased government incentives for converting to solar, are ...

3 Lead Sources to Explore For Your Referral Marketing Strategy

  You're looking at the numbers all the time, right? Anytime you want to understand how things are going, and how your business is performing, you're undoubtedly spending time staring at reports searching for symptoms of problems and signs of ...

How to Save Thousands on Marketing in 2017 with a Customer Referral Program

  It's almost like an untamed explosion of cheer erupts inside of your heart when you get a referral from a customer.  Growing your business seems just a bit more reachable when a new opportunity for growth arises from a customer's referral.

4 Ways to Reward People in Your Customer Referral Program

In 2017, word-of-mouth advertising has never been more important for a business, especially one that is focussed on growing this year. A customer referral program is a powerful way to drive new customers to your business, but only if operated ...
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