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Does My Business Need an App for Customers to Provide Referrals?


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At Get The Referral, we offer a first of its kind product: a customized mobile app to manage your entire customer referral program. One question we’re often asked is whether it’s necessary to use an app to enable past customers to provide new referrals. In this case, I will answer this question with another question: Do you want to maximize your use of referrals as the best source of sales-qualified leads? If so, the answer is a resounding “yes.”

The Value of Referrals.

We know that referrals close at a much higher percentage and much quicker, yet companies continue to put enormous amounts of time, marketing efforts, and money in generating leads. Not to say that this tactic doesn’t work but with the sales process being filled with pitfalls and complications it’s become difficult to convert leads into sales. Now, let’s compare this to a lead that comes to you through a referral.

Think back to the last time you were looking for a service or new gadget, who did you relay on for an opinion? More than likely you asked family and friends for recommendations. Which makes sense since 83% of consumers value a referral from a trusted source.

Get your past customers to send you more business.

How does your referral program work right now? Are you happy with it? Most importantly, are your customers happy with it? To have a formalized and automated referral platform is key to tap into your customer base to increase your referrals.

We would love if all our customers were clients for life, but we know not every product or service will be needed by customers continuously. However, they can still be a Brand Advocate. Implementing a referral app in your sales process ensures you do not lose out on opportunity. You already ask for referrals, but what if they don’t know of someone right then? The Get The Referral app gives you communication tools to help you stay top of mind, allowing you to send push notifications, messages, and emails.

Help your customers spread the word! The app also gives your customers the opportunity to write a positive review about their experience and more importantly share their experience on social media, all within the app.

Get more referrals through incentives.

Most successful referral programs offer some sort incentives, such as cash, gift cards, or “swag” with your company branding, but how are you tracking and paying out those incentives? It’s all about instant gratification. The app allows your customers to receive referral payments instantly. No more mailing checks, no more 1099; the app manages it all.

Referrals are great; there’s no question. But that doesn’t mean you can tell your customers to spread the word and wait for the orders to pour in. Even with the offer of incentives, you need a cohesive program to manage the process. For you as management, the app offers a convenient dashboard from which you can manage the entire process.

Call us today to learn how our mobile app can help you institute an excellent customer referral program and increase your sales.


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