Get Your Sales Reps Engaged

Posted by James Vumback on September 25, 2015

6 Steps to Engage Sales Reps

One the challenges of starting a new referral program or any new program for that matter, is getting everyone on board. You’ve decided that you want GTR to be a part of your company. Since you’ve made that decision, it's time to enforce it. You must provide training and accountability for your sales reps.

Here are 6 steps to get your sales reps engaged with your GTR referral program:

Step 1: Provide training for your sales reps

Set up a meeting to discuss your new referral program and what it means for your company. Do you need help with this meeting? We can help! We’ve helped other customers with their sales training and we can help you. It’s all about getting your sales reps excited about this new program and what it means for them. If your company is successful with referrals, then so are your sales reps, because your sales reps are the ones that are bringing in the referrals. Your sales reps earn every referral that they bring in. The more referrals that they bring in, equals more business for you, which means more commission for them. For your sales reps, this means less time cold calling and getting leads the old-fashioned way. Ultimately, your sales reps can purely operate off of referrals. Want to learn how GTR has helped a sales rep? Click here.

Explain to your sales reps that this program is beneficial to them and has amazing potential for their career with your company. At this meeting, train your sales reps on how to sign up potential customers as Reffiliates. Pass out leave behinds with your company code on them, for your sales reps to hand out.

Step 2: Make your sales reps accountable

What are you doing to hold your sales reps accountable? Do your sales reps have to meet a monthly quota? In addition to the quota, start enforcing that they must sign up 10 Reffiliates a month. Start at 10 and increase that number as your sales reps get more comfortable with signing up Reffiliates. If your sales reps have to schedule X amount of meetings each month or quarter, enforce that they have to sign up 75% of those people that they meet with. Have your sales reps sign a contact, stating that they understand the program, how it works and their role to remain accountable. These are only ideas. If you need specific advice for your particular company and circumstances, please contact us.

Step 3: Discuss your GTR Referral Program at every sales meeting

At the beginning of every sales meeting, talk about your referral program. Provide any additional training, if needed. Talk about the successes and talk about the challenges and how to combat them.
Acknowledge sales reps that are doing well with the program and talk about what they are doing to find success. Provide support and encouragement for your sales rep at this meeting. Remind them that this program is for them too!

Step 4: Provide incentives for your sales reps to get on board

Create a weekly leader board. Announce that you will be holding sales reps of month for those that get the most Reffiliates, the most referrals and the most referrals sold. Click here for certificates that you can use.
Want to incentivize even more? Provide cash prizes, gift cards or big screen tvs. These are just some examples to help promote excitement and competition between the sales reps. It’s important to keep the referral program on forefront of their mind and providing contests and prizes will keep them engaged.

Step 5: Make the GTR Referral Program a part of the sales reps pitch

Every time your sales rep meets with a potential customer, they must discuss the referral program. Have them mention it in the beginning and at the end of pitch. Tell your sales reps to ask the customers if they can sign them up. Take their phone and create an account for them and show them how to use the App. Discuss with them the potential earnings of sending in referrals. Explain to the customer, that by making these referrals, that they can help pay for some or all of your product.

Step 6: Send your potential customers information on your GTR Referral Program before you meet with them

If your sales reps set appointments prior to meeting with customers, have them email information about the referral program prior to the meeting. That way, the potential customer is aware of the program before it is discussed at the meeting. Then it’s a simple reminder and easily discussed at the meeting.