1 Big Reason You Need to Discuss Branded App Marketing With Your Team

Posted by James Vumback on January 6, 2017

Topics: Branded App Marketing

Think about the last time you built something really great, or the last time you were trying to make something really beautiful and useful for someone. Maybe it was a proposal for a potential client, or a message to your customer expressing your appreciation for their business. 

Now think of a time when you were disappointed in their response after you delivered the message. What if they never even got the message?


Without branded app marketing in 2017, you're liable to end-up stressed out.


We hope it's not that bad.

But yes, it's painful. We feel you, we really do.

It's common to look for variables outside of our control to assign blame. For example, blaming the inefficiencies of your delivery method, "if only they could truly see and experience my vision as I intended. Surely they would understand if I could deliver my message more directly and make it more personal."

We agree with you; we think you're nailing it.


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1. Control Over the Way People Experience Your Brand Matters

In company meetings across the country, teams are planning, developing and deploying branded app marketing (BAM) strategies to connect with their audiences in more direct, personal and useful ways.

Umbel published a great piece that highlighted some ways a brand can leverage a mobile app to build brand-loyalty by stream-lining messaging, offering useful services and promoting rewards programs.

Look no further than to recent studies to learn more about reasons people use branded mobile apps:

  • It gives them the ability to stay informed about company news, appointment updates, etc.

  • It's easy to access company rewards and offers, such as discounts or coupons

  • Navigating to a brand's mobile app is easier than visiting a company's website or social media page

Are you still asking, "do we really need a mobile app though?" 

Remember when people used to ask that about websites? You'd be laughed out of any meeting if you asked that question today.

2017 is the year your teammates start to giggle when you question the necessity of a branded mobile app. Don't be that guy, or girl.

The reason websites have been so wildly popular, successful and transformative for businesses is because they afforded brands the ability to control the distribution of, and the experience with, it's unique messaging.

Websites have made it easier for people to access information about your brand, but now users spend 60% of their time connected to the internet on a mobile device. And 86% of the time spent on mobile is spent in mobile apps, NOT in a web browser.


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Let's Finish This Thought

If you are similar to many small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs), you may be looking for better control over the way people experience your brand. A BAM strategy could help you take back some control over how and where people experience your message; we believe this will help to ensure your success more often.

We started talking about branded app marketing recently, and we will continue to do so, because it's going to play a pivotal role in the way SMBs are engaging their audiences in 2017. We saw the role it played for some in 2016, and we expect it to be another big year.

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